Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Saga Ends

At long last! Despite winds, rain, shipping company under-competence and other various delays, our shipping container finally arrived at our house on Tuesday afternoon (4 hours late). Here's a shot of it coming down our charming North London street. A crew came at 10am and waited until 2pm for the delivery, but they were great about it and got everything in the house and reassembled in short order.

Of course, once the stuff was in the house, it looked like this. Boxes everywhere and nowhere to sit or work. Julie did manage to clear off part of our dining room table and we had Chinese take-out together.

No way we could cook. Here's the kitchen with most--not all--of the boxes marked 'Kitchen.' That's the universal word for 'fragile' (besides, of course, fragile), so everything breakable ended up in front of the stove and sink, and we couldn't get anywhere near them.

We woke up on Wednesday to this. Two inches of snow blanketed most of London last night. It was so beautiful--the garden looked like something out of Narnia (I half expected that mean blond to come storming out of the bushes...). This was the view off of our back porch. So here we are: piles inside, snow outside, and all of our stuff safely delivered. Now we unpack...


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Ah well John at least your garden looks like everone else's. see y'all soon.Mike

  2. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Good to hear you got all of your things. Pam D.

  3. All the best! Indeed that photo does look like Narnia!

  4. Hi John,

    My brother turned me onto your blog and I love it! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    God Bless,

    Mindy, (Harmon) Satterlee


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