Monday, January 15, 2007

Dateline: London

Cities are hard...

That may sound whiny or simplistic or, well, whatever, but I don’t really care. Part of our adjustment to London is learning how to move from a suburban to an urban way of doing things. We don’t have a car yet, but even with one we’ll still be walking to the market, to the dry cleaners, to a bus or tube stop. It’s just so different from jumping into my car and popping down to the store. (By the way, I really miss my big 4-door Camry.) Most days I walk farther to catch my bus than the local Vons was from our house (and I never once walked there to do any shopping).

Some of this has been made worse by the fact that the washing machine broke down just before we got here. With a 6-year-old in the house—and all the laundry he can produce—it’s been a chore for Julie to cart the wash about 6 blocks to some washers, then bring it back to dry it at the house. The new washer comes tomorrow, and that should make life a whole lot better. So we’re all a little homesick, not only for the people we miss, but also for the way we lived. It seems strange to say that, because some things around here are amazing and we would miss those if we left.

OK, so now I have to make a real-time edit to this post. The shipping company just called and said that our container is in Rotterdam, and delivery has been delayed yet again. Unbelievable. We’re now scheduled (loosely, apparently) to receive our things on the 25th. I’ll keep you up-to-date on any new developments.

But first, some pictures from our visit to the British Museum on Saturday.

The museum from the outside.

The Rosetta Stone (worth looking up) is just about the coolest thing to see in London.

Some friends gave us a membership to the British Museum (thanks, guys), and it allows us to enter this private room with a coffee machine and things to read. Very cool.

Ian, sitting at the feet of an Assyrian deity. Gotta get him back in Sunday School.

This is Rameses II, one of the most famous pharaohs in Egyptian history.

Mummies! Nothing else to say.

We've been here 18 days.

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  1. Meredith Howes8:10 PM

    I've just sat down to read about your new place and I got hooked into all your blogs. A very good read, I might add. Been thinking about your family the last couple of days. Envying your transition and multitude of opportunities to be stretched by God as well as the new insights you must be gaining about yourself and our Father himself. Sometimes the same 'ol thing makes God disappear in a fog. I remember the edgy, excited feeling mixed with anxiety that is always there looming as you adjust to a new home. I will pray for peace and eyes to see what God is doing around you and in you. Looking forward to more updates. You're doing well so far by the look of things. Say Hi! to Julie (I miss her desperately at Praise Place - I dont' know all the motions!) and Ian - Catherine misses him as she was the only one in class until Micah showed up! Love, Meredith


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