Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Visit to LA, Part 2

I'm gradually getting over the jet lag--it's easier coming this way than it will be going home next week. Mostly I'm dozing off in the early evening, then waking up really early: 4am the first day, 530 the next, and hopefully a little later tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the event at Fuller. I went to the seminary today to look for some old friends, and maybe even to catch a glimpse of my book (I haven't seen one yet). In the bookstore there was a whole display devoted to George Eldon Ladd, with copies of his books on sale. There was also a flyer for the launch event, with a picture of me. I have to say that caught me off guard a bit, but was pretty fun as well. I asked for the manager--someone I used to know--and she came out to tell me some not-so-good news.

Oxford Press had a glitch at the bindery and the books hadn't been delivered yet. Since it was the day before the event they were already in Plan B mode, with order forms and other things to use to secure some sales of the book at the event. I was bummed at the news, I have to say. I was looking forward to seeing what the book actually looked like, and hoping the copies would sell.

After I left the bookstore I emailed the good people at OUP and asked what had happened. I hit or beat all my deadlines to have everything ready by this date, and flew here to help sell some books. One of the editors made some calls and said that the copies were finally done, and that they were shipping them overnight. That means that there's a chance they'll be here on time...we'll see.

Otherwise I had a fun lunch with the pastor of our old church in Glendale. He was a mentor to me as I prepared to make the move to London, and so it was good to chat about both of our churches. We ate at La Cabanita, one of my favorite places, and it was great. After that I hung out with my dad for a while.

This evening we all got together at my sister's house for my brother-in-law's birthday party. The kids ran around, we ate lots of food and cake, and we told old stories and laughed. It was fun to be back with all of them. I really love my family.

Tomorrow's the big day. Time for some sleep.

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  1. I wish I could be there! Have a great time! Holding your book is a bit like holding a baby, so I hope it comes today.


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