Friday, April 04, 2008

Our Trip to Rome

Not a lot of words this time. We took a short trip to Rome right after Easter with Ericka and Neil and had a great time. It rained a little, but that just made us duck into more places for pizza and coffee.
It was early. Leave us alone.
This is the street where we stayed.
We toured the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel, then walked through St. Peter's Cathedral.
Ian strikes a pose in front of the church.
Some serious bling in this place.The Colosseum was a highlight for everyone. We ended up in Rome during Culture Week, so most of the best places were free of charge.

Ian preparing to meet a gladiator.
Some random ruins around Rome.
Ian in one of our favorite piazzas.
Getting ready for a night on the town. That's Neil's leg in the foreground...he was sleeping while Julie and Ericka were dolling up.
As usual, Ian fell in with a rough crowd...

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