Saturday, July 21, 2007

Paris (not Hilton)

This post is dedicated to my mom. There's another report about her health below this one.

So while my mom was in the hospital, she insisted we continue with our trip to Paris. We had an amazing time--this was our first time there (OK, Gina was there in '84, when she was 14). Here we are in front of, well, you know.

Sun was going down, and the lights on the Tower started to flash and flicker. It was beautiful.
We had a picnic dinner on the grass near the Tower: Cheese, bread, pate, wine, fruit, Nutella. This is the wreckage.
This is Ian learning to appreciate fine art. Not a bad start.
Anyone see 'Night at the Museum'?
The kids at Notre Dame. Little gargoyles...
Notre Dame. No hunchbacks in sight...
We had one of our dinners at a corner cafe in downtown Paris.
The kids had a great time at the Luxembourg Gardens. This is Ian on a zip line.
The kids at the same park.
Julie and me at the same place.
Me with Ian at sunset on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower.

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