Friday, July 20, 2007

The latest on Mom

Just wrapped up a mtg with mom's Dr. here in London.

The stone was lodged in the ureter, between the kidney and bladder, which caused a massive infection that almost cost mom her kidney. That danger has passed. A stent was put in that allowed the stone to move into the bladder, but that released the infection into the bloodstream causing sepsis. Mom is taking on strong antibiotics to fight the infection in her blood.

There is a new concern--her blood/oxygen rate has been falling, and all the attention has shifted to making sure mom doesn't have a blood clot in her lung. We're waiting for a chest CT now.

If there is no clot, then the focus goes back to the stone and the sepsis. The dr has strongly urged that she doesn't travel until the infection is completely gone. Mom wants to leave anyway--we're negotiating that one right now. The right travel 'moment' will be in-between the time when the infection goes away and the stone (now moved to her bladder) has to be treated.

The dr is great--clearly brilliant and willing to speak directly and answer questions. He looks like Sidney Poitier--mom may have a wee crush.

So...we need to get the infection and blood/oxygen issues sorted out, and then the focus will go back to the stone. Either we'll all fly to CA on Wed as planned, or I'll stay and mom and I will come back when she can fly.

That's the news--please keep her in your prayers.

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