Sunday, June 03, 2007

More catching up to do...

OK, so it’s been a while since I posted anything.

Life has been really busy. Mostly it’s been good stuff—working with some folks who want to get new ministries started here, continuing the process of understanding the complicated funding model at the church, and interviewing and selecting a new pastoral assistant to replace our outgoing associate pastor. Also, we all got colds that laid us out for a few days each. Ian ended up at the Dr., and it turned out he had a respiratory infection. He’s fine now, but that gives you an idea of what our lives have been like.

By the way, we’ve now had two interactions with the NHS, and both were stellar. Ian had an infected tooth, and we weren’t registered with a dentist yet. I called the place nearest to our GP, and they made an appointment on the spot. We got there, they took Ian in at the exact time of his appointment, and he was out (minus the bad tooth) in less than 20 minutes. The dentist and his assistant were great. No bill, no nothing, except two grateful parents. For his cough, he was seen the same day that we called, and sent home with antibiotics (banana flavored) and some cough syrup. The Dr. was nice and Ian is getting better.

Now I'm not Michael Moore (I'll pause for laughter on that one), but if we allow the point of health care to be about, well, health care, then I have to say that it's been great here so far. We still have a private insurance overlay on our NHS coverage, but so far we have nothing but good things to say about the access, courtesy and quality of our health care in London.

Anyway, below are some posts from recent events. Enjoy.

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  1. Yeah, just don't get pregnant or you'll be left in the hallway with a overworked midwife. Don't you read the Daily Mail?


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