Sunday, June 10, 2007

The London Wetland Centre

Last week I was a parent chaperon for a science trip with Ian's class. What a blast. The Centre is a reclaimed wetland preserve with all sorts of waterfowl, bugs and other creatures. The displays were great, the guide was a good teacher, and the kids were a blast. I was assigned four students (including Ian), and we spent the day together. I gave them a team name (The Ducks), and for the whole time when I called for the Ducks, my four kids ran over to me.

Here are some snaps from the day.

Ian's class (he's in the front row...)
We dipped nets into a pond and pulled up all kinds of living things--snails, mites, water scorpions, and even tiny leeches.
This woman was the guide from the Centre--she did a great job of showing the kids the little creatures, and also teaching them how to care for nature in the process.
OK, so this isn't a real dragonfly, but when you walked by it there was a great buzzing sound.
Ian sailing across the zipline at the adventure play area.

These were my Ducks...

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