Friday, August 03, 2007

Our first week in California

So we've been relaxing a lot over here--catching up with friends and family and playing a little. It's good to be home, and we're soaking up every bit of it as we re-connect.

Ian is working on his artistic technique on the patio of my in-law's home, where we're staying for the first two weeks.

I went to a Dodgers game with an old friend of mine. They were playing the Giants, otherwise known in LA as the 'Hated Ones'. This is Barry Bonds up to bat.
Me with my buddy Shane. We were in the nursery together at the First Presbyterian Church in Burbank, and have been friends ever since.
My son-in-law works in one of the local companies, a global entertainment behemoth. He took me for a tour this week.

This is the trauma room on the set of ER.
The ambulance bay from the ER set.
One of my sisters and her family are camping this week near Ventura. This trailer is parked at the edge of the beach.

Ian and his cousin Bella, building something in the sand.

I went boogie-boarding with Ian and my nephews. That's me (really) in front on the right.

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