Monday, April 16, 2007

A Visit to the Ambassador's House

The US Ambassador to Great Britain invited Ian to an Easter egg hunt at his official residence, called Winfield House. Happily, we got to go with him. This is the second largest private residence in London, and was built by Barbara Hutton, an American socialite. Ambassador Tuttle and his wife Marie host this event every year, and they invite a lot of the expat community to come and have a meal. It was a lot of fun. I got my Mom, my aunt Rose and my mother-in-law added to the guest list, and we enjoyed an afternoon of amazingly warm weather, entertainment and food. Here are some snaps.

Julie, Ian and I on the grounds of Winfield House.

Don't they look like trouble?
A magician came by to show us some tricks.

Mom and Rose had some wine and ended up with their faces painted...

This was some really good food. There were bite-sized hamburgers with little American flags for the, er, kids, and a bunch of other good stuff.

Ian got to go looking for candy-filled eggs on the enormous grounds of Winfield House.

There he is.

There they go.

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