Monday, February 19, 2007

Where we live

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I've been asked by some of you for pictures of where we live, so here you are. We're in the Belsize Park area of North London, just about a mile south of Hampstead, and a bit to the east of Primrose Hill.

This is our front door. We live in the bottom two floors of this 4-story house.
This is looking west from our front gate, toward Haverstock Hill which is the main artery going north and south in the neighborhood. This is looking east down our street. The construction barriers you see are for the installation of new water pipes, a project that involves most of Greater London. The existing pipes date from the reign of Queen Victoria.

This is the backyard, from the landing outside the kitchen door. Some of you have seen this in an earlier picture, covered with snow.

Looking east from the same landing.
Looking west...that table and chairs are from our balcony outside the guest room.
This past week we emptied the final box, crumpled up the final packing paper, put together the last of the chairs, and moved all the waste into the driveway. On Wednesday morning the Camden Council (our local municipal authority) will come and haul it all away for £40 (a bargain).
We've been here 53 days now.

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